Adjustable 2x4 Bracket to Extend Post from Floor to Ceiling

Setup freestanding or beside wall for shelving, hanging and storage solutions.

How to Install Labrico Brackets

Labrico 2x4 Adjuster instructions

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What are People Saying?

It is simple and easy to install. It is less expensive than buying a pre-designed product. I, as a user, I highly recommend this product even for a beginner. I have used this to fix my vacuum cleaner and bird feeder. I am looking forward to doing more simple projects such as shoe rack, standing work station, etc.,
Perfect renter friendly solution for extra storage in my small kitchen! Easy to design and put together for whatever you want to make. Very modern and nice looking!
Kitchen storage idea using Labrico 2x4 adjuster
Perfect customizable building supplies
Easy to use storage brackets, just follow the easy directions. Hardest part is to get that 10 foot 2x4 home in your car and sawing off the appropriate length. Just measure floor to ceiling and subtract 95mm. Slide the brackets over the ends. The top cap has a turning screw so it will add enough tension to keep it tight against the ceiling.
Bought a couple of DIY brackets. It was pretty simple to install. When I move out of this place, it's going to be very easy to take down the brackets without damaging the wall.
Hang guitar without damaging the wall
Hang curtains in a rental without drilling
Kids room divider they will love!
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