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My name is Martin Fai and I’m an Australian guy living in Canada. I’m the person behind this website and thank you for visiting.

I hope you can create ways to hang, mount and store stuff in your home because let’s face it, we can all do with more storage space and get our stuff organized. 

I have lived in rental properties in Australia and Canada with my family and many Landlords, while trying to be accommodative, won’t let you drill holes in the wall. I get it, they are worried about wall damage, bad do it yourself (D.I.Y) jobs and renters skipping without repairing the wall when they move out.

Each time I moved to a new rental property, there would be the challenge of finding the right location for the television, the vacuum, kids bags/coats, shoes shoes shoes and hanging up pictures and stuff.

I haven’t done much D.I.Y stuff over the years but that all changed when I moved into an apartment in Vancouver, Canada. Our living space wasn’t too small but with the kids bags, toys, clothes, sporting equipment and shoes it made the apartment cluttered and disorganized. I needed a storage solution that also avoided having to drill and damage the wall in the process.

The first part of the solution was to build vertical storage to hang, mount and store items. In my apartment, there is a lot of dead or unused wall space. Just look around your own home to see the unused but potential wall space. Look at the different corners of each room that you can’t put a piece of furniture. What about the unused space in the kitchen or the laundry?

The second part of the solution was to use Japanese designed tension brackets to build a vertical timber stud. There are two brackets that slip onto the bottom and top of the timber stud. However, it’s the upper bracket with an adjusting screw that creates the tension that holds the timber stud vertically. Conveniently, the top bracket could be tightened by hand.


The first thing I built was a multi-purpose storage unit to help organise all the stuff you need before you head out the front door. Things like rain jackets, coats, school bags, bike helmets, umbrellas etc. We have a long wall coming off the apartment entrance.

My wife loves that there is a place for everything and it’s organised. I love that my kids no longer have an excuse for leaving their bags lying on the ground…


from this mess....

...to being organised


The next vertical storage challenge was my cordless Dyson V8 Absolute which lay on our dining room floor since we bought it 2 years ago. I know it comes with a wall mount docking station but as renters where do we hang it without damaging the wall? 

So using the tension brackets and a 2 x 4 stud, I hung it in the dining room area where we could get it quickly, use it and dock it again for recharging. It’s hung vertically, so it takes up very little room. 

The kids use the Dyson more often now that’s it hung up. That’s great for my wife and I!

My mission  is to create storage, mounting and hanging solutions for your home.

If you need to get in contact with me, you can contact me here.

All the best,

Martin Fai
Founder and Editor The Storage Wall

What are People Saying
Bought a couple of brackets. It was pretty simple to install. When I move out of this place, it's going to be very easy to take down the brackets without damaging the wall.
Amazon customer
Easy to use storage brackets, just follow the easy directions. Hardest part is to get that 10 foot 2x4 home in your car and sawing off the appropriate length. Just measure floor to ceiling and subtract 95mm. Slide the brackets over the ends. The top cap has a turning screw so it will add enough tension to keep it tight against the ceiling.
Amazon Customer
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