Hang Curtains in a Rental Apartment, Suit Blackout Curtains


Want to create a dark room for your online zoom meetings or want to hang heavy duty blackout curtains for a good nights rest. This is an easy DIY solution to hang curtains in a rental apartment or for temporary use.

Hang curtains in a rental apartment without having to drill and cause damage to your wall. You can also avoid to patch and paint by using Labrico 2×4 Adjuster brackets. Stand a vertical timber post either side of a window then fasten the curtain brackets onto the verticals posts, NOT the wall. 

Download the FREE PDF instructions. 

Download PDF Instructions for FREE

Hang Curtains Project Information

Tools required

  • Drill
  • Drill bits 
  • Measuring tape
  • Screwdriver 
  • Pencil
  • Spirit level (or download the “Bubble Level” App for iphone for free)


If you are a Renter, Avoid Damage to your Apartment Walls

You set the width and height of the curtains.

You can see in the picture below that I have built two timber posts around the window using 2×4 timbers and Labrico 2×4 Adjuster brackets. That’s the curtain and rod framework. 

Now, instead of screwing the curtain brackets into the wall (and causing damage), you screw the curtain brackets into the 2×4 frame work. 

Fasten the curtain bracket to the wood post

Heavy Duty Brackets for Hanging Blackout Curtains

Labrico 2x4 adjuster has a load bearing weight of 20kg

Each 2×4 bracket has a load bearing weight of 20kg which gives enough stability for hanging heavy drapes and blackout curtains. Of course, you have the option of hanging regular curtains and drapes as well.

Which Curtain Brackets & Rods to Use?

These Single Curtain Brackets will Work
These Double Brackets will Work
Ceiling Curtain Brackets WON'T Work

What types of curtain brackets can you install on the 2×4 timber post?

Single and double curtain brackets, being the most commonly used, are fastened into the wall requiring drilling into the wall and unwanted wall damage. This can be particularly problematic for renters.

This can be avoided by fastening the curtain bracket in the 2×4 timber post.

Which Curtain Rods are Suitable?

Curtain rods with two anchor points (left and right) will suit. Whereas curtain rods that require a centre support won’t work.

Staining or Painting the Timber Posts

Stain the timber posts before hanging your curtains

You can stain the timber post using a Briwax stain or sticking wallpaper to the timber posts.

Click for wood staining instructions.

Step By Step Instructions

Download PDF Instructions for FREE


Labrico flat ceiling ok, not sloped ceiling
The 2 timber posts need a flat ceiling and sturdy floor. Check around the window area.


Measure the ceiling height and minus 3.7 inches or 95 mm from the ceiling height. 

Buy wood and supplies from a hardware store.

Tip: The hardware store can cut the wood for free or sometimes they charge a small fee per cut.


Timber posts can be stained or painted to suit

Stain and polish wood post. (Optional, but recommended)

Click for wood staining instructions.


Attach the ceiling and floor bracket
Put the upper cap and bottom cap on the wood post. The top cap has the adjusting screw (see below).


Measure 4 to 6 either side of the window

To install the 2 timber posts, measure 4” to 6” either side of the window. 

Check your 4” to 6” measurement in at least two places, upper and lower end of the timber post.


Lift the 2x4 post vertically into position

One at a time, lift the wood posts vertically into place.


Make sure the timber post is vertical using a spirt guide

Check the wood post is vertical by using a spirit level.

TIP: For an online spirit level, download “Bubble Level” for free from the iphone app store.


Turn the adjusting screw on the top cap to tighten

Turn the adjusting screw clockwise to tighten the upper cap against the ceiling.

Ensure the timber post is sturdy and can’t rotate.


Mark the spot for the curtain brackets
Measure 2”- 5” above the window frame and mark with a pencil. Take hold of your curtain. Align the top of the eyelet (or the rings) against the mark. Let the curtain dangle and check the height. Are you happy with it?
TIP: Make the room feel taller by adding an EXTRA 2”-5” to the measurement above the window frame.


Mark the spot for the curtain bracket on the timber post
Measure from the ceiling down to the mark. Transfer this measurement to each timber post and make a mark in the centre of the timber post.


Fasten the curtain bracket to the wood post

Using the mark, fasten the curtain rod brackets to the wood post.


Hang the curtain rod onto the brackets

Hang the curtain rod onto the curtain brackets.


Unscrew the finial (or the knob) on the end

Unscrew the finial (or the knob on the end of the curtain rods).


Feed one curtain set onto the curtain rod

Feed one set of curtains onto the rod.

Push the curtain to the opposite end.


Feed the second curtain onto the rod

Feed the second set of curtains onto the rod. 

Re-attach the finial.

Your brackets may have a set of screws to keep the rod in place. Fasten these in place.


Spread the curtains across the window

Spread the curtains across the window.


Frequently Asked Questions

Hang blackout curtains without drilling

Not happy with the height of the curtains?

Measure a few extra inches above the ceiling. Start again at step 9.

When open, the curtains cover part of the window?

Measure an inch or two extra on both sides of the window. Start again at step 5.

I put the curtain brackets in the wrong spot. Can I try again?

Yes, you can make adjustments to the position of the brackets without having to fill the hole.

Made a complete mess of hanging the brackets?

Turn the timber post over and use the other side.


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1 year ago

Got to admit the thoroughness in this article was a pleasure to read and love the fact that you included it with images everywhere.

James Hoffman
James Hoffman
1 year ago

Will this work for curtains that are opened and closed everyday? I have blackouts in front of my patio door and the curtain rod pulled right out of the wall this morning.

Martin Fai
1 year ago
Reply to  James Hoffman

Hi James,
Once fastened to the 2×4 stud post, the curtain brackets and rod will not come loose if installed properly.

For my bedroom, I have used block out or black out blinds which are heavier than regular blinds. Using the labrico 2×4 adjuster brackets works a treat!

I do have one suggestion. If you are using heavier blinds (like block out or black out blinds), select a stronger/thicker curtain rod. Weaker curtain rods tend to flex in the middle with heavier curtains.


Jessica Ratfink
Jessica Ratfink
1 year ago

I used those 3M command hooks. After opening and closing the curtains a few times, the curtain rod fell down because the 3M hooks couldnt hold the weight. It left a bare patch on my wall that I have to repair.

I like the idea of hanging the curtain rods on the timber stud. Much sturdier!

Martin Fai
1 year ago

Hi Jessica,
We use block out / black out blinds for our bedroom which are heavier than regular curtains. Haven’t had a problem with the curtain rod or curtain bracket detaching from the timber stud.

shutters auckland
1 year ago

Over this article you will get to know about how to hang curtain without drilling.This article gives you suggestions on limitations and delimitation of the blog. I enjoyed reading this blog and this is the best link for gaining all the information about it.

Jessica Ratfink
Jessica Ratfink
1 year ago

Hello, I love this idea. However, I am yet to find a solution to the problem I am having. Hoping someone can help. I live on the first floor, near and walking path and the curtains don’t close fully. I am looking for ideas on how I can cover up the window, for privacy, without fully closing the curtains, for ventilation. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Martin Fai
1 year ago

Hi Jessica, Did you consider using double curtain brackets? Double curtain bracket lets you hang two curtains, one in front of the other. In your situation, the curtain closets to the window can be a sheer curtain (allows light in but gives privacy). The outer curtains can be your regular set or even blackout curtains. Follow the instructions in this “How to” page, except use a double curtain bracket instead of single curtain brackets. Also, use strong curtain rods that don’t bend in the middle. They cost more but you don’t want your curtains dipping in the middle, or worse,… Read more »

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