Hang Guitar on Wall Without Drilling

Hang guitar on wall without drilling

Display your guitar with style by hanging it up. Do this without drilling the wall and make your Landlord happy. Building this guitar unit takes about 30 mins using using Labrico 2×4 brackets and a 2×4 timber post for the framework. Simple and stylish way to display your guitar.

Hang Guitar Project Information

Tools required

  • Drill
  • Drill bits 
  • Measuring tape
  • Screwdriver 
  • Pencil
  • Spirit level (or download the “Bubble Level” App for iphone for free)


Display Your String Instruments in Style

Display and hang your guitar for easy access

Hanging instruments on a wall is a great way to save space and show off your guitar(s) at the same time. Get easy access to your guitar or other string instrument.

Hey Renters, Hang your Guitar up!

Labrico 2x4 Adjuster bracket is a renters best friend

You might be in a rental situation at the moment and your Landlord’s not letting you put a few holes in the wall. Maybe you’re in student accommodation. Or perhaps it’s too much hassle having to patch and paint the wall when you leave. Either way, these brackets are the answer to your hanging needs!

These brackets extend a 2×4 timber post from floor to ceiling. There is an adjusting screw which tightens the bracket against the ceiling using tension only. There is no drilling. It’s tightened by hand so no extra tools are needed.

Labrico brackets are not fastened to the wall, does not cause wall damage

Having cement or brick walls at home might make you consider using this bracket system as well. It might save you having to clean up the mess trying to get concrete anchors into the masonry wall.

Hang your Guitar Safely for Your Peace of Mind!

Safely hang your guitar on the wall, don't use 3m command stickers

To secure the guitar hanger, you normally have to fasten it to the wall. That’s a problem if you rent, don’t want damaged walls or got concrete walls. Don’t even think about using command strips, that’s a big no no.

It’s even trickier with a heavy guitar like a Les Paul. You might need to find the stud behind the wall to ensure there are no unexpected loud crashes in the middle of the night.

With a 20kg bearing, the Labrico brackets will let you sleep soundly at night.

Guitar Gallery

Which Guitar Hanger?

Which guitar bracket will fix onto a 2x4 timber post

Choose your favourite guitar bracket, making sure that it fits onto the 2×4.

This style of guitar brackets will fit the 2×4 timber post.

Stain the Timber for a Natural Look

Before and after image using Briwax

I recommend staining your timber to bring out the natural character. It also helps to protect the timber from drying out. The product I use is called Briwax while the stain is Antique Mahogany.

Unlike traditional stains which are water based and require multiple coats, Briwax has more of a toothpaste consistency. Not only does it make it quicker to apply onto the timber, it is also touch dry in a couple of hours. One application is normally enough.

Stain Wood – Step by Step Instructions

Multiple Guitar Wall Mount

Multiple guitar wall mount

With a little bit of DIY knowledge, you can building a guitar wall to display your cherished instruments. 

You can build this guitar gallery using 2 sets of Labrico 2×4 brackets, 2 posts and pine panels/slats. The pine panels are placed side to side and screwed into the posts using black timber screws. You can choose to have say a 1″ gap between each panel/slat but I chose to have them adjoining. 

Hang two guitars side by side on timber wall

Shop for Hardware Brackets

STEP BY STEP Instructions


Labrico flat ceiling ok, not sloped ceiling

Select a suitable location to hang your guitar. 

At the chosen location, check that the ceiling and floor are flat and sturdy. 


Buy 2×4 lumber at a home improvement store and cut it from “floor to ceiling height” minus 9.5 cm.

For example, since my house has a floor to ceiling measurement of 240 cm, I cut it to 230.5 cm.

Many home improvement stores can cut it at the store.


Test a small area of wood using Briwax

Stain the vertical posts and horizontal slats using Briwax. This step is optional, but I recommended it for a better finish.


Click for wood staining instructions.


Pop top bracket onto 2x4 post
Pop bottom bracket onto 2x4 post

Pop the upper and bottom bracket onto the wood post.


Lift the timber post vertically into place
Lift the wood post into place.


Turn the bracket adjusting screw clockwise to tighten

Turn the adjusting screw clockwise to tighten the upper cap against the ceiling.


Step 5: Check the wood post is vertical by using a spirit level

Use a spirit level to check the wood post is vertical.

If not, loosen the adjusting screw and reposition.

TIP: For an online spirit level, download “Bubble Level” for free from the iphone app store.


Centre the guitar bracket on the 2x4 wood post

Centre the guitar hanger on the timber post at the desired height.

Using the bracket screws, press firmly onto the timber post so they leave a drill mark.


Drill pilot holes to fasten the guitar hanger

Find the 2 screw marks and drill pilot holes.


Fasten the guitar bracket onto the 2x4 timber post

Screw in the guitar hanger.


Guitar hung on the wall without damaging the wall

Hang your guitar and enjoy!

Thank for reading these instructions. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel to comment below. 


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11 months ago

I moved last week and would love to hang 4 guitars. Problem is, I believe that my lease states that I can’t permanently attach anything to the walls.

Problem solved! Thanks for this article.

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