Labrico 2×4 Adjuster Brackets- Vintage Green


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Until now, DIY parts were mostly for professional use and required complicated procedures and tools. LABRICO have created DIY hardware to make DIY easier.

The 2×4 Adjuster can be mounted vertically to create vertical DIY storage in your home. If used as a single post you can hang decor, mount Dyson vacuum, hang pictures.

No tools needed! 
Just turn the adjusting screw clockwise to fasten the 2×4 post to the ceiling. 
Freestanding or Lean Against the Wall

The Labrico 2×4 Adjuster bracket gives you the flexibility to setup a vertical post anywhere in the room. It can be in the middle of the room, in the corner or against the wall. 

No Wall Damage

Build storage and shelving space without needing to drill, screw or nails into the wall. No need to find the stud or to patch & paint.

Heavy Duty Brackets

With a 20kg load bearing weight, you can hang and fasten heavier items safely.

Non-slip Pads 

Even when fixed vertically, the ceiling and floor are not scratched because of the non-slip padding. It can be used safely in your home.

What are People Saying?

It is simple and easy to install. It is less expensive than buying a pre-designed product. I, as a user, I highly recommend this product even for a beginner. I have used this to fix my vacuum cleaner and bird feeder. I am looking forward to doing more simple projects such as shoe rack, standing work station, etc.,
Bought a couple of DIY brackets. It was pretty simple to install. When I move out of this place, it's going to be very easy to take down the brackets without damaging the wall.
Easy to use storage brackets, just follow the easy directions. Hardest part is to get that 10 foot 2x4 home in your car and sawing off the appropriate length. Just measure floor to ceiling and subtract 95mm. Slide the brackets over the ends. The top cap has a turning screw so it will add enough tension to keep it tight against the ceiling.

2x4 Bracket Installation Instructions

Check the strength of the ceiling at the installation location and measure the height of the ceiling. Prepare 2×4 timber post (*) that is 95mm shorter than the height of the ceiling.
* Commercially available 2 × 4 material (38 × 89mm)

Place the top cap and bottom cap onto the 2×4.


Stand the timber post vertically and tentatively determine the location. 

Turn adjusting screw clockwise until secure against the ceiling.

Note: Don’t over tighten

Note: From time to time, check the tension in the top bracket


Complete! Various uses are possible, such as arranging as pillars or combining other parts to make a shelf.

Weight 0.24 kg
Dimensions 19.5 × 9.7 × 4.6 cm
Load weight

20 kg




Heian Shindo


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