Labrico 2×4 Shelf Support Bracket – Off White


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Shelf Support Brackets for DIY wall shelves and vertical storage. They can be easily added for additional shelving or removed from the timber beam it’s attached to. No need to drill pilot holes or mark out drilling holes. Simply position the shelf support at the desired height and fasten using the screws provided. 

DIY Shelf and Storage Hardware

Until now, DIY parts were mostly for professional use and required complicated procedures and tools. LABRICO have created DIY hardware to make DIY easier.

Can be used in combination with other post supports like the Labrico 2x4 post support.

The shelf support is used to set up horizontal shelving. While in combination with 2×4 post bracket, you can build a wall shelf system useful for storage, wall decor, organising kids jackets and bags. The possibilities are endless.

Easily removed when no longer needed. Reusable! Great for renters

The shelf support is fastened directly on the supporting timber so it can be removed when not in use. Of course it does not scratch or puncture the walls. 

No need to mark pilot holes and screw positions

After determining the appropriate height of the shelf, fasten using the screws provided. There is no need to mark out a screw position or to drill a pilot holes. 

It is a neat design with no screws visible from the front.

Design that hides the screw when viewed from the front. By using the shelf support with post support brackets of the same colour, you can make a well designed wall shelf.

Installation Instructions

On the back of the shelf, fasten this product and 2×4 timber post in two places with the attached screws. Repeat for the other end.

Insert 2×4 timber post to to shelf support product.


After sliding the 2×4 timber through the shelf bracket, choose the desired height of the shelf. You can do this by sliding the shelf brackets along the timber beam. Attach the shelf bracket to the desired height using the screws provided.

Install the other side in the same way.

Repeat steps 1-3 if you have multiple shelves to install. 

The next step is to attach the ceiling and floor brackets. For instructions on how to install 2×4 Post Brackets – click here

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