DIY Plans for Shoe Storage Rack

Build a DIY shoe rack that’s a nice piece of wood furniture that get shoes off the floor. Impress your friends and visitors with your shoe collection. There is no need for a shoe dump!

  • Cost of supplies $250 - $270 (approximate)
  • Time to make - 2.5 hours
  • Build difficulty - Easy to Intermediate
  • Adjustable shelves for tall boots, high heels
  • Customise to your DIY space, narrow spaces ok
  • Got a lot of shoes? Go for wider shelves
  • Wood posts fastened to the ceiling so it won’t tip over
  • No wall damage or drilling into the wall
  • Moving house, no problem, the rack is easily removed and reused
  • Bottom shelf is off the floor making it easy to vacuum

Free PDF Plans, parts/cut list for Shoe Rack

Got a lot of tall boots, rain boots or work boots and want your shoes to stand up? With height adjustable shelves you can accommodate all types and for all seasons. During the winter (wet, snow) months, move the shelves up and down to suit the height of your winter and ski boots.

Adjust the shelf heights all you like. But the bottom shelf should have enough of a gap off the floor so you can vacuum underneath.

Take advantage of the vertical space in your entryway and occupy the unused ‘dead’ space. Even with a small or narrow space, you can still build a DIY shoe rack by using shorter shelves.

With DIY, you can customize and reduce your footprint.  

We rate this DIY Shoe Rack project as easy to intermediate.

Some DIY experience using a drill, drilling pilot holes, installing brackets, levelling shelves is required. But, you don’t need to drill into the wall or find the wood stud to make it secure – renters rejoice!

The 2×4 Labrico Adjuster fastens the wood posts to the ceiling and floor making the shoe rack sturdy. 

After building it, the hardest thing will be deciding whose shoes go on which shelf!

Shoe Rack Size Guide

Figure out how much space you have for the shoe rack and decide on the shelf length.

I have done some rough measurements.

Say for example the Narrow (30″ or 77cm) shelf length fits best. It will fit 26 pairs of shoes, give or take.

Kids shoes, adult shoes and boots come in all different sizes. 

The guide below shows you how many shoes can fit on each shelf length.

Shoe Rack Project Information

  • Drill 
  • Wood drill bits 
  • Cordless screwdriver
  • Screwdriver bits
  • Measuring tape
  • Spirit level (or download the “Bubble Level” App for iphone for free)
  • Hammer
  • Pencil
Wood post and shelves
  • 2″x4″ wood posts – vertical frame x 2
  • 2”x4” wood – horizontal frame support x 1
  • 1 ¾” x 12” wood shelves x 8

(Download the parts/cut list for wood and shelf sizes)

Building Hardware & Materials
  • Labrico 2″x4″ Adjuster sets x 2
  • 12” shelf brackets x 16
  • 48” Single slot shelf tracks x 2
  • 36” Single slot shelf tracks x 2
  • 1 ½” x ⅝” corner brace x 4
  • 1 ¼” flat head wood screws x 40
  • Sandpaper, medium and fine grit
Wood Stain & Polish
  • Briwax wood stain & polish (I use Antique Mahogany)
  • Rags or cut up old clothes for staining 

2”x4”x8’ Stud/wood post (Canada)

Home Depot (Canada)SPF Dimensional Lumber$3.98
Rona (Canada)Spruce stud $3.99
Lowes (Canada)Kiln dried whitewood stud $3.39
Lowes (Canada)Spruce pine fir $3.99

2”x4”x8’ Stud/wood post (USA)

Home Depot (USA)Premium Kiln dried whitewood stud$2.86
Home Depot (USA)Prime Kilm dried whitewood stud$2.86
Home Depot (USA)Canfor Premium dried SPF stud$2.86
Lowes (USA)Hemlock Fir Stud$3.36
Lowes (USA)Douglas Fir Stud$3.37

The prices are guide to the cost of wood. They are current at time of writing. Please contact me if the prices need updating.  

Project Video

Free PDF Plans, parts/cut list for Shoe Rack

DIY Shoe Rack Instructions

Part A. Build the Frame

Lay both vertical wood posts flat on the floor side by side. Measure half way up each wood post and mark a spot in the centre.

Place corner bracket over the marked spot and align with the bottom screw hole. Drill pilot holes then screw into the wood using 1 ¼’ wood screws.
Turn both wood posts on their edge with the corner brackets facing each other.

Position the horizontal stud post between the vertical posts and centre on corner brackets. 

Mark the screw holes and drill pilot holes.Fasten the bracket to the stud using 1 ¼ screws.

On the other side of the 2×4 horizontal stud post, position the corner bracket. Do not align with the corner bracket on the other side.

Tip: Use masking tape to hold the corner bracket in place

Part B. Position Shoe Rack onto Wall

Decide the location of the shoe rack. Position the base of the shoe rack close to the wall.

Place the upper and bottom caps onto the stud post. Bottom caps go on the base of the stud posts and upper caps the top.

From the top end of the shoe rack, lift the frame up and let it rest against the wall. Ensure the shoe rack is vertical by using a spirit level.

TIP: For an online spirit level, download “Bubble Level” for free from the iphone App Store.

Turn the adjusting screws clockwise to tighten.

Part C. Attach the Hardware

Measure 5”(12cm) from the bottom of the wood stud. Place a mark in the centre of the wood post.

Align the 36″ shelf track next to the first, centre it on the stud post. Drill pilot holes. Use 1 ¼ flat head screws to fasten the shelf track to the stud post.

TIP: Use masking tape to hold the shelf track in place while aligning the track

Mark each screw hole along the shelf track. Drill pilot holes. Use 1 ¼ flat head screws to fasten

Align the 36″ shelf track next to the first, centre it on the stud post. Drill pilot holes. Use 1 ¼ flat head screws to fasten the shelf track to the stud post.

Tip: Use masking tape to hold the shelf track in place

Add pairs of shelf brackets onto the shelf track. Use the handle of a hammer (or similar) to tap the top of the bracket to lock it in place.

Tip: Tap underneath the shelf bracket to release

Place on wood shelves

Free PDF Plans, parts/cut list for Shoe Rack

Staining & Polishing the Wood

Your shoes are the first thing you take off when you get home. It’s also the first thing your visitors see when they walk into your apartment. 

Staining the wood for your DIY shoe rack will give it character and longevity. 

  • Looks great - brings out character of the wood
  • Protects the wood from drying out
  • Like toothpaste, not water - very easy to apply with a clean cloth
  • One coat is enough
  • Dries quickly
  • Various stain colours to suit your other furniture

Organising your entryway with shoe storage is often a second thought. Whereas the humble shoe storage rack should be treated like any other piece of furniture in your home. 

It needs to look good and it needs to be functional.

Staining timber posts and shelves brings out the character of each piece of cut timber, particularly when there are distinct timber knots. The knots are the curves and bends in the wood grain that make timber the best material to work with for display. For me, it comes close to a work of art!

Staining helps prolong the use of your DIY shoe rack for years by protecting the timber from cracking and drying. 

The stain I use is called Briwax which is made of soft beeswax. 

Unlike traditional stains which are watery, Briwax has a consistency more like toothpaste which makes it easy to apply using a cloth. Often I would use old cut up clothes the kids have grown out of.

Be mindful that Briwax does have a strong smell when you first start using it. However, it does fade as it dries. When it does dry, there is a waxy feel to it but this fades.

Tips for staining

  • Use sandpaper to smooth the wood surface starting with a medium then a fine grit
  • After the stain dries, give the wood a light polish using a clean cloth
  • Stain all sides and ends of the timber post and shelves
  • A tin of Briwax goes a long way so store it properly for future use

The stain dries in 1-2 hours depending on where in the house you are doing the staining. To save some time, I find one coat is enough to get the right colour.

My colour preference is Antique Mahogany to get that dark timeless furniture look. 

Supplies needed to stain and polish the wood

  • Briwax staining and polish product
  • Gloves
  • Cloths for staining
  • Cloths for polishing
  • Sandpaper - fine & medium grit

Free PDF Plans for Shoe Rack

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