Wall Mount Dyson Without Drilling or Damaging Wall

Stop tripping over your Dyson! Mount your Dyson on the wall, not lying on the floor.

If you’re a renter or unsure about drilling into the wall, then read on and download the FREE DIY Dyson wall mount plans.

  • Cost of supplies - $40 - $50
  • Time to make - 1 to 1.5 hours
  • Build difficulty - Easy
  • Sturdy, fastened to the ceiling
  • No wall damage or having to find the stud in the wall
  • No need to drill into the wall
  • Locate for easy access but out of the way
  • Storage for vacuum attachments
  • Easy to build, take down or change the location
  • Sleek, narrow design - small footprint

Free PDF Plans, parts/cut list for Dyson Wall Mount

Here’s the good news! You no longer need to drill and damage the wall to fasten the Dyson docking station or backing plate to the wall.

Renter’s rejoice!

Rather, fasten the docking station or backing plate onto a 2×4 wood post built outside the wall. That will save having to find the stud in the wall!

The 2×4 Labrico Adjuster does the job of bracing the wood in a vertical position. Once it’s in place, it’s secure, no matter how many times you use your Dyson.

The 2×4 Labrico Adjuster lets you set up your cordless vacuum in the place of your choice.

If you want convenience, setup in the kitchen, living area or living space. That’s where most of the mess happens, right? Quick, grab your Dyson off the wall and vacuum the kid’s cereal off the floor!

Want your Dyson to tucked away out of sight? That’s possible too.

You can store your Dyson or cordless vacuum in a store room or entryway closet. Make sure the ceiling area is flat otherwise the 2×4 Labrico Adjuster won’t be sturdy.

Whether you set up your Dyson in full view or tucked away, the small footprint lets you choose your location. But remember, choose a location close to a power outlet!

With so many vacuum attachments, it’s best to have everything in one place. You got the crevice tool, the mini soft dusting brush, the combination tool and many others.

Solve the storage problem by attaching metal hooks, one for each attachment. Easily hang and store your space vacuum heads and smaller attachments all in one place. 

This DIY project rates as easy.

Some basic DIY knowledge is necessary like drilling pilot holes and fastening screws. Also, if it’s your first time, getting the 2×4 wood post vertical and in position will take a few goes.

Wall Mount Dyson Project Information

  • Drill
  • Drill bits
  • 3/4″ paddle/spade bit
  • Screwdriver
  • Screwdriver bits
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Spirit level (Download the “Bubble Level” App for iphone for free)
To build the framework
  • Labrico 2×4 Adjuster set x 1 
  • 2×4 stud posts x 1
  • 1 1/2″ Wood screws (for the docking station) x 2
  • Metal hooks  x 2
  • Dyson docking station (provided with the purchase of your Dyson)
To Stain the wood
  • Briwax wood stain product (I use Antique Mahogany)
  • Rags or cut up old clothes for staining and polishing
  • Sandpaper (fine and medium grit)

2”x4”x8’ Stud/wood post (Canada)

Home Depot (Canada)SPF Dimensional Lumber$3.98
Rona (Canada)Spruce stud $3.99
Lowes (Canada)Kiln dried whitewood stud $3.39
Lowes (Canada)Spruce pine fir $3.99

2”x4”x8’ Stud/wood post (USA)

Home Depot (USA)Premium Kiln dried whitewood stud$2.86
Home Depot (USA)Prime Kilm dried whitewood stud$2.86
Home Depot (USA)Canfor Premium dried SPF stud$2.86
Lowes (USA)Hemlock Fir Stud$3.36
Lowes (USA)Douglas Fir Stud$3.37

The prices are a guide to the cost of wood. They are current at time of writing. Please contact me if the prices need updating.  

This project will cost about $40 – $50.

Note: A tin of Briwax costs $25 but you will use it many times.



Approx. cost

2×4 Labrico Adjuster 



2×4 Stud post vertical



1 ¼” Wood screws


< $1

Sandpaper – medium and fine grit

1 each

$0.50 each


1 (a can of Briwax goes a long way)


Metal hooks



The prices are a guide only and are current at the time of writing. 

About 1 hour

  • 5 mins – Cut wood to size. The hardware store can do it quickly and easily
  • 25 mins – Stain 1 wood post for 1 coat
  • 10 mins – Drilling
  • 30 mins – Set up wood post, install docking station and hardware

Free PDF Plans, parts/cut list for Dyson Wall Mount

Dyson Wall Mount Instructions

Choose a location for your Dyson wall mount with a power outlet within reach.

Choose a location for your Dyson wall mount with a power outlet within reach.

Check the ceiling and floor are flat and stable.

Labrico flat ceiling ok, not sloped ceiling
Labrico 2x4 ceiling measurement

Measure the ceiling height and minus 3.7 inches or 95 mm from the ceiling height.

Buy wood and supplies from a hardware store.

Tip: The hardware store can cut the wood for free or sometimes they charge a small fee per cut.

Staining timber wood using Briwax
Stain and polish wood post. (Optional, but recommended) See staining tips and instructions below.
Measure 47 1/4 from the bottom of the wood post

Measure 47 ¼” or 120cm from the bottom of the wood post. 

Mark the spot with a pencil.

Place a mark at the first screw hole on the docking station
With the docking station, align the lower screw hole over the mark. Mark the two screw holes. Drill pilot holes.
Make an outline of the cord holder

Place the docking station over the pilot holes.

Draw an outline around the square found underneath the 2 attachment holders.

Using the outline, draw a cross cross

Remove the docking station to show the outline.

Draw an ‘X’ to find the centre.

Use a 3/4" paddle or spade drill to bore a hole
Use a ¾” paddle/spade drill bit to bore a hole through the timber. This is where the cord will feed through.
Push tip of the charging cord or jack plug through the wood post
Push the tip of the charging cord (or jack plug) through the hole – from the back to the front of the wood post.
Pull the jack plug or charging cord through the timber post
Pull the cord through.
Fasten the charging cable to the back of the docking station
Then make sure the charging cable is secured neatly to the back of the docking station. 
Fasten docking station to the timber post

Pull the cord slack through the hole. 

Using pilot holes made earlier, fasten the docking station to the wood post using 1½” wood screws.

Put on top and bottom caps of the Labrico 2x4 Adjuster
Put the upper cap and bottom cap on the wood post. The top cap has the adjusting screw (see below).
Check the Dyson wall mount is close to a power outlet

Lift the wood post into place. 

Double check the cord can reach a power outlet.

Check the dyson wall mount is level

Check the wood post is vertical by using a spirit level.

Tip: for an online spirit level, download “Bubble Level” for free from the iphone app store.

Turn the adjusting screw clockwise to tighten the 2x4 Adjuster

Turn the adjusting screw clockwise to tighten.

Don’t over tighten.

Tip: Every few months, check the position of the wood post and tightness of the adjusting screw.

Adding hooks are great to store vacuum accessories

Attach the hook for the spare vacuum head to the front of the wood post.

Measure 18” from the floor to the first screw hole on the hook. Then fasten.

Easily store and hang Dyson vacuum cleaning head
Add additional hooks for Dyson vacuum accessories storage

On the side of the wood post, attach hooks for the smaller vacuum attachments.

Store the Dyson and attachments within reach

Free PDF Plans, parts/cut list for Dyson Wall Mount

Staining & Polishing the Wood

With a small amount of effort you can make your Dyson wall mount stand look part of your home.

The humble vacuum cleaner no longer needs to be stored away in the closet. Rather, people are locating their vacuums in the living room or kitchen because convenience matters.

It needs to look good and it needs to be functional.

  • Looks great - brings out character of the wood
  • Protects the wood from drying out
  • Like toothpaste, not water - very easy to apply with a clean cloth
  • One coat is enough
  • Dries quickly
  • Various stain colours to suit your other furniture

Staining timber posts brings out the character of each piece of cut timber, particularly when there are distinct timber knots.

The knots are the curves and bends in the wood grain that make timber the best material to work with for display. 

Applying a stain helps prolong the use of your wood post for years. It also protects the timber from cracking and drying. The stain I use is Briwax made from soft beeswax. Traditional stains can be watery and need several coats of sealer. This makes it time consuming and tricky to get the colour right.But Briwax feels like toothpaste making it easy to apply using a cloth. Often I use old cut up clothes. Also, one application of Briwax is enough!
Stained 2x4 wood using Briwax

Be mindful that Briwax does have a strong smell when you first start using it but fades as it dries. You will notice after a few hours there is a waxy feel to the wood which sinks into the wood over time.

Give the stained timber 1-2 hours to dry and I find one coat is enough to bring our the colour. That’s a great time saver!

My colour preference is Antique Mahogany to get that dark timeless furniture look.

Supplies needed to stain and polish the wood

  • Briwax staining and polish product
  • Gloves
  • Cloths for staining
  • Cloths for polishing
  • Sandpaper - fine & medium grit

Tips for staining and polishing

  • Use sandpaper to smooth the wood surface starting with a medium then a fine grit
  • After the stain dries, give the wood a light polish using a clean cloth
  • Stain all sides and ends of the timber post
  • A tin of Briwax goes a long way so store it properly for future use

Free PDF Plans, parts/cut list for Dyson Wall Mount


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Roy Fernley
Roy Fernley

This looks like a great option as I’m considering buying a stick vacuum but can’t drill holes in the wall. The difficulty I face is an architrave causing a slight curve from the wall to the ceiling. Following the instructions the 2×4 will be proud of the wall not flush with it with a fair chance of not being at a 90 degree angle to the floor or ceiling. Is there a workaround to deal with this?

Martin Fai

Hi Roy,

The Labrico 2×4 Adjuster doesn’t need to be setup to ‘lean’ against the wall. Yes, it can be setup against a wall or in your case you can have it freestanding.

Hope this helps.


Kay Sexton
Kay Sexton

hi Martin,

love this idea for storing my stick vacuum! my problem is the sloped ceiling in our closet. not knowing anything about upper caps, do they accommodate sloped/slanted ceilings? if yes, would that affect the load-bearing capabilities of the timber? and if not, do you have any suggestions on how to best recreate this set-up with a sloped/slanted ceiling?


Martin Fai

Hi Kay,

A sloped/slanted ceiling is not going to work with the 2×4 brackets unfortunately.
For the upper bracket to be secure, a flat ceiling or flat upper surface is recommended.