DIY Wall Storage Ideas for Each Room Wall even the Cat Wall!

Building storage in your home and apartment is no longer in the realm of the professional. The DIY handy person can now build storage and shelving easily using Labrico brackets.

These innovative brackets allow you to build storage in small spaces, freestanding in the room or against the wall. Get inspired by these Wall Storage Ideas!

Wall Storage Ideas for the Kitchen

In many apartment kitchens these days, there is going to be a limited amount of storage space. Half the counter is already taken up by the coffee machine, the instant pot, the microwave.  What do you do if you want more storage space in your kitchen? You gotta go vertical!

Build vertical storage and tap into unused wall space. The kitchen picture above shows how to turn a small and narrow counter space into functional storage. You can do this by using Labrico tension brackets and a bit if DIY knowhow.

Kitchen storage idea using Labrico 2x4 adjuster

Build your kitchen storage unit on top of a stable table. This great space saving idea combines a pegboard for hanging small kitchen items. 

Book Wall Storage

Build a handy bookshelf for the kids using the space underneath the kitchen counter. Often unused space, it can be easily converted into a convenient library for young children

The Labrico 2×4 Adjuster brackets fasten to the underside of the kitchen counter using tension, not screws. Not having to use screws means no drilling and damaging the wall. Installing the brackets is easy and done without tools. By hand, turn the adjusting screw clockwise until the top bracket is tight against the counter. Easy!

TIP for the brackets to work properly, the underside of the kitchen counter needs to be flat and stable.

Look at this great wall storage idea! Build a mega bookshelf with height adjustable shelves.

Wall Storage for Shoes

Shoe Rack Plans with adjustable shelves for 26 pairs of shoes

This 8 shelf shoe rack giant can fit 16 to 34 shoes depending on how wide you make your shelves.

The design of these shelves are height adjustable so winter and tall boots are not a problem. The shoe rack is not mounted on the wall so you don’t need to screw anything into the wall. There is no wall damage or needing to repair the wall later on

The frame is fastened against the ceiling and the floor using Labrico tension brackets

→ Build this SHOE RACK – DIY instructions

This shoe rack has been designed for the narrow entryway of this small apartment. See how it fits behind just behind the front door when it’s open? That’s a smart DIY design! The shoes are stored toes first into the rack making the shoes easy to identify and organize. 

Add another dimension to the shoe storage rack with a peg board. A large pegboard is cheap to buy and lets you hang all sorts of things.

Entryway Wall Storage

Build DIY storage space customized for your entryway

A very handy storage unit for the front entryway

To build this unit, you’ll need the following; 

 Featuring a pegboard, attached the rear of the frame, top tension rod and lower metal hook bar. The hardware is attached to the 2×4 lumber without damaging your walls or ceiling.  

Build wall storage using 2x4 post brackets

With a large entryway, you can build this storage unit for the active family. Good for hanging school bags, bike helmets, jackets and sports equipment. When everything has its place, it makes it easy to get organized. 

Space out some eye-hooks to the underside of the shelf for those school and work bags. The hooks are self-tapping so they are easy to install by hand. 


Add double coat hooks to the sides of the vertical posts. They are great for hanging jackets. 

Wall Storage for Bathroom

Now you can create storage space out of thin air by going vertical.

Even with a small and narrow space, this bathroom storage unit has been cleverly designed to fit between the window and the bathroom vanity. This is a freestanding unit with the top bracket fastened to the ceiling using tension only, no screws or nails. 

Wall Storage for Laundry

Laundry room shelves

Even in a rental apartment, where space is small, you can still add storage space to your laundry area. This unit has been built to fit into the small space.

Shorter and longer shelves are used to fit against the length of the wall. The shelves are also height adjustable, great for storing different laundry items. Use a shelf track and shelf track brackets for adjustable shelves. 

Laundry room shelves B

Here’s a laundry room storage idea for a small room. With a couple of high wall shelves, you can organize your laundry detergents, powders and sprays onto a couple of wall shelves, away from little children’s hands. Whereas, you can add a tension rod to hang all those out of place items.  

Laundry room shelves C

Using Labrico 2×4 Adjuster brackets you can still create shelving in narrow spaces.

Normally a laundry has unused space but it can be impractical to fit shelves around a washing machine and dryer. However, with these innovative brackets, you can customize your storage needs with the vertical space you have available. 

Laundry wall storage 1a

With a bit of DIY knowledge, you can create wall shelving in the laundry room.

Often the area above the washing machine and dryer is an unused or awkward space. It’s very hard to find a piece of furniture or a storage rack that is stable enough for storage in this space. This unit is stable, made from solid timber. 

TIP: If you plan to build this unit, keep in mind the clearance needed above the washing machine doors (if you have a top loader)

Laundry wall storage 1b

Pegboard Wall Storage


A pegboard is great for creating extra wall storage and getting you organized. You can hang pictures, store stationery, display pictures and hang calendars with ease.

Save the hassle of drilling and damaging the wall by mounting the pegboard onto 2×4 timber posts. And of course save time having to patch and paint afterwards when you have to take it down.  The 2×4 timber posts are external from the wall, held vertically using Labrico 2×4 Adjuster brackets

→ Build this WALL STORAGE Unit – DIY instructions

Using a pegboard is perfect to store and organise your outdoor gear and equipment. Everything from flashlights to camping bags is not a problem. 

You can see this storage unit has a pair of shelf tracks installed, making shelves easily  adjustable in height. Adjust the height of the shelves by inserting the shelf bracket into the track slot you want. Alternatively, remove the shelving to hang longer items like jackets and parkers (as seen in the picture below)

Notice the pegboard is not screwed into the wall but into two external timber posts. The brackets (which you can just see) hold the timber posts vertically using tension. The brackets have a soft padding so there is no ceiling or wall damage.  

Cat Wall Shelf Ideas

Cat wall shelves idea 2

Create a comfy spot off the ground with a cat wall shelf. 

This DIY cat shelf is a great space saving idea for a small space or apartment when you don’t have a lot of space. You can conveniently locate the cat shelf against the wall or window. Alternatively, you can have it freestanding in the middle of the room, next to the sofa or tucked away in a cozy corner. 

The pictured cat shelf above is built using timber so it’s sturdy and safe for your feline friend to climb and explore 24/7. Take note of the ceiling and floor brackets. They are called Labrico 2×4 Adjusters brackets and are used to fasten the unit securely between the floor and ceiling.  

These brackets don’t require any tools to install, rather by turning the adjusting screw they are fastened between the ceiling and floor using tension only. You don’t need to drill and damage the wall to secure the cat shelf from falling or toppling over. Even better if you are a renter, it will save you time having to patch and paint later on.

Cat wall shelves idea 1

Cats are natural born climbers and they love to be as high as possible. So this adjustable height wall shelf might be just the thing for your feline friend.

Challenge your cat by changing the height of each shelf. You can do this by inserting the shelf into a different slot in the shelf track. Instantly, your cat gets a different challenge each day to keep them happy!

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