Work from Home Office Setup – 7 DIY Ideas Including Room Dividing Wall

Work from Home office setup ideas

Using Labrico 2×4 brackets, it is possible for the home handyperson to build for yourself, practical home office solutions. Make it more comfortable to work from home. Here are some work from home setup ideas to build a basic standing desk, wall shelves for storage, hang blackout curtains in a room or build a room partition.

These innovative brackets allow you to build storage in small spaces, freestanding in the room or against the wall. 

DIY Standing Office Desk

DIY Standing Desk for Laptop

This DIY Standing office Desk has a small footprint and can be set up anywhere for your home office. 

You can position the desk adjacent to a wall or you can have it or freestanding in any part of the room. That means setting up the desk in a large storage room, bedroom or kitchen space is not a problem. It doesn’t need to sit on top of another table, like a dining table. That’s a big space saver.

The desk is easy to build with a bit of DIY knowledge. You can download the step by step instructions to build what is pictured. Alternatively, you can customize the desk to suit your space and work needs.

Build this STANDING DESK – DIY instructions

For added storage for pens, pencils, messages and calendars hang a pegboard. After cutting the correct size pegboard, screw the corners of the pegboard directly onto the 2×4 timber posts using timber screws. 

Here’s is a tip. Leave enough space between the open laptop and the bottom edge of the pegboard.

Leave a sufficient gap between laptop and pegboard

DIY Home Office Shelves


Smart shelving in your home office is a must to stay organized. 

Build DIY home office shelves for your work books, files, bags and stationery by going vertical. Find unused wall space by looking around your home. There is bound to be a vacant space somewhere. 

Building a simple DIY set of shelves (like the one pictured above) will take about 1 hour. It doesn’t take long once you have your supplies from the hardware store. You can download step by step instructions to get you started. 

Build this WALL STORAGE Unit – DIY instructions
Storage wall for Electronics and computer equipment

Whatever your profession, you can build a DIY wall storage unit using Labrico brackets to suit your home office setup. Take this multi-shelf unit used for storing computer equipment, tools and parts. Here, the height adjustable shelves and pegboard are combined to make an excellent storage combination.

The wall shelf above is built using timber. Use timber posts and pine wood for the shelves and you’ll have a sturdy and long lasting storage unit.

Take note of the ceiling and floor brackets. They are called Labrico 2×4 Adjusters brackets. These brackets don’t require any tools to install, rather by turning the adjusting screw they are fastened between the ceiling and floor using tension only.

You don’t need to drill and damage the wall to secure the wall unit from falling or toppling over. Even better if you are a renter, it will save you time having to patch and paint later on.

Hang Blackout and Background Curtains for Zoom meetings

Hang blackout curtains without drilling

Create the right lighting and backgrounds for your zoom and online meetings by hanging curtains. 

You can do this in 3 steps. First, stand two 2×4 timber posts vertically using Labrico 2×4 Adjuster brackets. Second, fasten the curtain brackets to the timber posts. Third, hang the curtain rod onto the curtain brackets between the two posts. 

Hang BLACKOUT CURTAINS – DIY instructions   

You can hang curtains this way even if you are a renter. That’s because the curtain brackets are not screwed into the wall, they are screwed into the 2×4 timber post. This avoids damage to the wall and getting your Landlord offside. 

It’s ok to hang blackout curtains or background curtains. Even though they are heavier than standard curtains, the Labrico brackets can handle 20kg of load weight each so it’s going to be sturdy. Don’t worry, you can open and close the curtains day after day. The curtains or the curtain rod won’t fall down.

Hang background curtain for zoom meetings without drilling

DIY Room Divider Ideas

Home office Room divider next to work desk

Get creative if you don’t have a door or room for your office.

Build a DIY room divider or partition to separate your workspace from the rest of the house. You may wish to make a sign to let others know you’re working (e.g “quiet please” or “I’m on a video call”)

You can DIY and build a freestanding room divider in just about any space in your apartment using Labrico hardware brackets. It doesn’t have to be affixed to a wall. 

The Labrico 2×4 brackets act as the anchor points for the partition frame. The floor and ceiling bracket hold the timber posts in place using tension rather than screws. This avoids damaging the wall. It saves time having to patch and paint the wall later on. 

Room divider instructions step 1

Here are the supplies you’ll need for for the partition frame;

Follow the step by step instructions.

With the partition wall complete, time to consider display and decor options. You can spruce up your home office by letting some green plants dangle down the partition wall. A pothos plant is a good indoor plant recommendation. 

You’re not limited to just hanging plants. With the timber frame, you can display pictures, artwork, or add more storage by hanging a pegboard to your home office. There are many options.

Home office partition wall

A room partition wall can be very versatile.

It can provide privacy by separating a room as well be a great display and storage unit.

Setup Good Lighting

Light fasten to 2x4 post positioned over home office desk

You can hang lights in your room or home office without damaging the wall. It’s done by fastening the light fitting to a timber beam instead of to the ceiling or wall. Track lights can be hung up in a similar way as seen in the picture below. 

Setup two 2×4 timber posts using Labrico 2×4 Adjuster brackets as the vertical support. Then using shelf brackets, install horizontal timber beams. The horizontal beams can be used both for shelving and for hanging track lights. 

Use Nature to Nurture Productivity

Add shelving for larger plants

Use plants to liven up your home office workspace to make it more pleasant, boost your mind and increase your productivity.

Position your plant shelf in a corner, middle of the room or next to the window. With the Labrico 2×4 Adjuster brackets you have the flexibility to change locations to suit. 

The copper rod was used to hang macrame plant hangers rather than using a normal plant bracket. While it is different, I wanted to show how you can design your own DIY project. Got other ideas?

Wall hang plants for home office

Use any available vertical wall space to fill the room with greenery

Home Office Bookshelf Ideas

Home office desk with bookshelf

Keep your home office organized with a set of handy bookshelves that you build yourself. By building it yourself you can customize shelves to suit a small, corner or awkward space.

Corner areas in a room can often be a problem. It’s hard to find the right sized furniture to fit. Using Labrico brackets, you can build customized shelving to neatly suit your space.

Home office desk with bookshelf

If you have limited space in your apartment or want your books and things within reach, build shelves above your work desk.

The shelves pictured are fastened to timber posts external to the wall. Normally shelves are screwed directly into the wall but this can cause damage. Good idea to avoid damaging the wall, particularly if you are a tenant. 

Notice how the task lights are fitted to the top of each timber post. Great if you want to add some light to a dark corner or desk area. The light fittings are fastened directly onto the timber posts, like the shelf brackets. 

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